Fluid Icon for "mite."

It’s simply not possible to create excellent, detailed icons which can be arbitrarily scaled to very small dimensions while preserving clarity. Small icons are caricatures: they exaggerate some features, drop others, and align shapes to a sharp grid. Even if all icons could be executed as vectors, the largest size would never scale down well.

Completely Unrelated to UX - MEISA

In addition to going to school and working, I’m also the PR Chair for the student organization MEISA (Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association) here at OSU. I figure I might as well get the word out on here as well. Check out below for the post I just wrote about this upcoming quarter.

MEISA - Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association: O-H-I-O Winter Quarter

It’s the last winter quarter here at The Ohio State University before semesters kick in, and we better make it one to remember. Our first meeting of the quarter is happening tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10th), and we’ve been shifted to Lazenby Hall 034. For more info about this week, returning members, and new prospect members, read more and be amazed!

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