Reblog: Is Twitter Getting Too Aggressive With New Users?


Photo by eldh

So there’s always been talk about how many accounts on Twitter are actually active, or at least have a constant heartbeat, and how many just fizzle out after just a few weeks. The team at Twitter has probably tried to think of ways to keep people tweeting, and not just drop off the face of the Earth due to boredom, confusion on how it works, why they need an account, or any other kind of reason imaginable.

One of the biggest reasons could be the fact that new users aren’t following enough people to get enough out of Twitter to continue using it. So, why not make Twitter become a sticky idea by encouraging forcing people to follow at least 5 accounts before they log out. That’s what this post displays, and the feelings the user experiences when being made to do something before they exit.


Twitter is Bullish

Twitter is getting bullish on new users. I have a twitter account only to tweet out new links on a blog I run. It currently only follows two other twitter users. I recently started logging into twitter web so I can manage a few lists I use to help manage workflow of the posts and the last couple of times I have logged in I have been greeted with this window. And I can’t close it.

The “I’m done” button is disabled and clearly Twitter thinks I need to follow at least 5 people before I can continue. Twitter has had a history for defining acceptable use in the past. They have provided some recommendations but this is pushing the boundaries into requirements. It is clear that Twitter is starting to draw the lines to what it is and what is not. 

I’m rambling now but this move feels odd and overall with the spam I don’t like using twitter but it feels like a necessary evil. 

Ramble, ramble, ramble…