Columbus Startup Weekend 2014 »

No Talk, All Action.
Launch a Startup in 54 Hours.

I’m excited to be apart of the 2014 Columbus Startup Weekend after years of having scheduling conflicts. I didnt even know it was happening until this past week’s Columbus Web Group + IxDA Meetup at Moxie. It seems like it should be a pretty good experience: an opportunity to create something with other cool people, get fed seven meals, and a t-shirt!

You can sign up as a Developer, Designer, or Non-Technical person so if you’re interested in attending, and possibly teaming up together, sign up with the promo code IXDA to get 60% off!

Help Garrettsville Get Back on its Feet »

Small Town, Big Hearts

The small town that many people I know and love call home recently got smaller as a fire burned down a significant number of small businesses right at the heart of downtown Garrettsville, Ohio.

Thirteen small businesses were destroyed by the devastating fire of March 22nd. These are family, locally, and wholeheartedly owned businesses that keep our town thriving.

I know times are tough for everyone right now, but for many of the business owners affected, their Main Street storefront was their sole source of income. Let’s rebuild our town while rebuilding the lives of these business owners.

No one was severely injured, but people’s lives have been disrupted. If you are in a position to donate a few dollars, let’s help make Garrettsville stronger than it was.

Coin — The Rest Stop for Payment Technologies

Show me the Money

Eventually, the people that carry a credit card (as we know it today) will be in the minority, but until another payment system takes its place — Coin is poised to become a convenient way to store all of your plastic into just one card. Admittedly, it’s just in the early adopter phase right now, especially since it hasn’t even been released yet, but the social exposure it will have once it’s out in the wild should give it some feet. Dealing with people’s money isn’t a business to take lightly though.

From a consumer standpoint, $100 for a device that you’ll have to replace around about every two years sounds awfully familiar to the subsidized phone model the U.S. carriers have engrained into the American subconscious. Yet, instead of a pocket-sized computer, you’re paying for a thing that just makes it more convenient to pay for things — that you put in your wallet, which is in turn, in your pocket.

Coin is just a pit stop, but it’ll be the air-conditioned kind. The real thing will be when it’s merged with some kind of mobile technology. Phones are the logical pieces to the puzzle. The problem is making it a fluid experience that is significantly better than the current method, because right now — the current methods are good enough for most. I must say though, the biggest feature that doesn’t seem to be getting much press is the fact that your phone will alert you if you’ve left your Coin behind.

Well, whatever way you dice it — if you’d like to grab a Coin, and also make my purchase $5 cheaper, there’s a big button below begging to be pushed.




Upcoming exhibition at the Barbican, London, on the art of creative coding. Sponsored by Google, there is also a call for entries for any creative coders who wish to have a piece comissioned. Video embedded below:

DevArt is a new type of art. It is made with code, by developers that push the possibilities of creativity and technology. They use technology as the canvas and code as the raw materials to create innovative, engaging digital art installations.

DevArt is the opportunity to open their creative process, share their art with the world and be a part of a new movement in art.

Google, with the Barbican in London, will commission a developer to create a new digital art installation alongside some of the world’s best interactive artists at the Digital Revolution exhibition: the biggest and most comprehensive exploration of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK. From there, the exhibition will then go on tour to cities around the world.
Can’t wait to visit the show, which opens in July … you can find out more at the DevArt website here